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What can employers do to help maintain workers’ mental health?

Beyond medical concerns for ourselves and loved ones, the pandemic has affected nearly every other aspect of our lives, which can lead to or exacerbate mental health concerns. Some ways employers can help include:

  • Minimize work stress by discussing how work life has changed due to the pandemic and strategies to reduce work-related stress. Show empathy and share information and resources to support mental health.
  • Facilitate peer support groups that allow employees to share their experiences and practice emotional support.
  • Share Information on how to promote health and build resilience among employees. Strategies include:
    Maintaining a consistent schedule for sleep, self-care, work, screen breaks, and social connections; Stay connected to loved ones; Practice self-compassion and mindfulness techniques; Get fresh air when possible; Maintain a healthy immune system by eating healthy food, prioritizing sleep, being physically active, and maintaining good hygiene.

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This FAQ was written in consultation with Carolina PROSPER. For more information about their work in helping North Carolina businesses to survive and thrive during the pandemic, visit their website and follow them on social media (@NCOSHERC on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn). Their full report on Workplace Safety & Health During COVID-19 is also available here.