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How can I avoid neck and back pain while I work from home?

  • Improve sitting and posture by sitting in an adjustable chair, and consider adding lumbar support. A rolled up towel is a good option. The goal is to have back straight, thighs parallel to the floor and elbows at 90 degrees while working.
  • Reduce neck pain by raising computer monitors to eye level.
  • Take frequent stretch breaks and move around at least every hour throughout the day.

Sources and Additional Resources from the Ergonomics Center at NC State University:

Troubleshooting Discomfort Across the Body

From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This FAQ was written in consultation with Carolina PROSPER. For more information about their work in helping North Carolina businesses to survive and thrive during the pandemic, visit their website and follow them on social media (@NCOSHERC on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn). Their full report on Workplace Safety & Health During COVID-19 is also available here.